Of the Elves

In the aftermath of the Rending, the world of Teretz was unstable, both socially and physically. It seemed certain that within a few decades, all things would be lifeless and void as they were before creation. None of the remaining magicians had the knowledge or skill to recover from the effects of the Magician’s War. The world was saturated with war magic that made everything from the smallest berry to the greatest beasts more perilous than death itself. The natural order remained in effect, but so many layers of created order interfered that even the sun’s rising was often in doubt.

In this dark hour came the elves. For in heaven there was great distress over Teretz. Its hosts had pity on men, and so some of them were given leave to come among men. They took on a form like the human form, and and they were tasked to work with men to rebuild and restore. So men were placed under the authority of the elves until they could again live as they did before the War.

Since the time of the Coming, the elves have little been seen, but lore remains. They were said to be fairer and wiser than men, and the least of them was more skilled in magic than any member of the Six. They were naturally immortal, though they could be slain, and if killed they would return to the heavenly host and there remain. Tales also told that they were ageless, and that according to their will and their temperament they could change their stature and apparent maturity.

Thus the elves for many years worked closely alongside men. Together they turned Teretz from a wasteland into a new paradise. This work continued until the Fall of Anath, when the Anathim made war on the elves for being servants of Eleos. Slowly the elves withdrew from the affairs of men and hid themselves until the call of Tereth. They became allies of the Terethim and aided them in many battles. The elves at war were terrible and deadly, able to make themselves large and menacing as they drew their swords, and before them many of the Anathim fell.

The elves remained close to the Terethim until shortly before the Coming. When its signs began to appear, they departed into unknown regions where they have remained ever since. On rare occasion people still see elves in both Teretz and Earth, though in this latter case nothing is known of how they arrived. It is said that in the end, when Anath returns to dismantle Teretz, the elves will gather in a final alliance with men, and all of them will be slain.


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