Skeleton Timeline: The Rending to the Establishment of Tereth

Unnumbered years[*] The Rending
Year 1 Temple built at pool
356 Anath’s rebellion[*]
428 Yaralassa fully conquered, renamed Anath
697 Aedor last of six nations to pledge allegiance to Anath
728 Tereth called by Eleos
731 Tereth escapes Anath
871 Terethim finish conquering the surrounding islands
872 Terethim invade Anath, destroy the Temple at Hagibrek
886 Anath fully conquered, renamed Tereth, northwest temple construction begins
890 Northwest temple completed, named Telogar

[*] The chronology before the Temple years is a matter of great confusion. However, most sources are in agreement that there not even a generation between the Rending and the construction of the Temple. The thorny issue is the length of a generation. In later times it was counted as about 200 years, but many accounts indicate that it counted for much longer in the days before Anath’s rebellion. Claims vary from 360 to 900. Another consideration is the widespread belief that the Rending happened shortly before Noah’s flood. Because of the ambiguity here, I do not put any definite number in the chronology. However, I suspect the correct date for the Rending would be about 500 years before the Temple.

[*] Evidence from various accounts indicates that this event may have taken place at roughly the same time as the Egyptian Exodus on Earth. If so, by dating the Exodus we could align the histories of Teretz and Earth for comparison, though this is naturally fraught with difficulty. Personally, I am inclined to suppose this puts Anath’s rebellion at somewhere around 1417 BC our time. This would mean if true that you could roughly translate the temple years of Teretz into our BC dating by subtracting 356 from the date and then subtracting the result from 1417. So BC = 1417 – (T – 356). But again, this is all rather speculative and even if basically correct is probably not that precise.


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